January 1, 2024 Poster Updates

Pre-order your January 1, 2024 All-On-One Labor Law Posters, Mobile Poster Paks,  Federal Specialty Posters, City/County Posters, and Wage Orders today to ensure you receive mandatory updates as soon as possible.

State Posters

StateUpdate Option 1Update Option 22024 Wage Rate & Statewide Changes
AlaskaAll-On-One Poster$11.73/hour, Safety and Health
ArizonaAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post Update$14.35/hour
CaliforniaAll-On-One PosterMinimum Wage $16.00/hour, Paid Sick Leave, Cal/OSHA, Discrimination
Wage Orders
Wage OrdersMinimum Wage $16.00/hour, 2024 Meals & Lodging credits
ColoradoAll-On-One PosterCOMPS Order #39 (Minimum Wage) $14.42/hour, Employment Discrimination
ConnecticutAll-On-One Poster$15.69/hour, Paid Sick Leave
Connecticut Wage OrdersWage Orders$15.69/hour
District of ColumbiaAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post UpdatePaid Family Leave
GeorgiaAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post UpdateUnemployment Insurance
IllinoisAll-On-One PosterMinimum Wage $14.00/hour, VESSA, (new) PSLAW, QR Code
IowaAll-On-One PosterMinimum Wage, IA OSHA, Unemployment
MaineAll-On-One Poster$14.15/hour, Regulation of Employment, Captive Meetings
MarylandAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post UpdateMinimum Wage $15.00/hour, Minor Fact Sheet
MassachusettsAll-On-One PosterPaid Family and Medical Leave, Parental Leave
MichiganAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post Update$10.33/hour
$3.93/hour tipped
MinnesotaAll-On-One Poster$10.85/hour (large)
$8.85/hour (small)
Veteran Benefits, Captive Meetings
MissouriAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post Update$12.30/hour
$6.15/hour tipped
MontanaAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post Update$10.30/hour
NevadaAll-On-One PosterDomestic Violence, Nevada OSHA, Unemployment, AB 307
New JerseyAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post Update$15.13/hour
New Jersey Wage OrdersWage Orders$15.13/hour
New YorkAll-On-One Poster$16.00/hour (NYC, Long Island & Westchester County)
$15.00/hour (rest of NY)
Captive Meetings
New York Wage OrdersWage Orders$16.00/hour (NYC, Long Island & Westchester County)
$15.00/hour (rest of NY)
OhioAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post UpdateMinimum Wage $10.45/hour
$5.25/hour tipped
Rhode IslandAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post Update$14.00/hour
TexasAll-On-One PosterWorkplace Violence
VermontAll-On-One PosterMinimum Wage $13.67/hour, $6.84 tipped, Sexual Harassment
Washington StateAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post UpdatePaid Time Off weekly benefit cap $1,456.00
WisconsinAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post UpdateUnemployment Benefits
Federal Contractors
(EO 13658)
All-On-One Poster$12.90/hour
$9.05/hour tipped
Paid Sick Leave
Davis-Bacon Act
Federal Contractors
(EO 14026)
All-On-One Poster$17.20/hour
Paid Sick Leave
Davis-Bacon Act

City/County Posters

City/County Poster2024 Wage Rate
Flagstaff, AZ$17.40/hour
$15.90/hour tipped
Tucson, AZ$14.35/hour
Belmont, CA$17.35/hour
Berkeley, CANew Fair Work Week Poster for large employers in specified industries.
Burlingame, CA$17.03/hour
Cupertino, CA$17.75/hour
Daly City, CA$16.62/hour
East Palo Alto, CA$17.10/hour
El Cerrito, CA$17.92/hour
Foster City, CA$17.00/hour
Half Moon Bay, CA$17.01/hour
Hayward, CA$16.90/hour (26+)
$16.00/hour (0-25)
Los Altos, CA$17.75/hour
Los Angeles Co., CA Contractor LWO$18.86/hour
Menlo Park, CA$16.70/hour
Mountain View, CA$18.75/hour
Novato, CA$16.86/hour (100+)
$16.60/hour (26-99)
$16.04/hour (1-25)
Oakland, CA$16.50/hour
Oakland, CA Hotels$17.94/hour (w/ health)
$23.91/hour (w/out health)
Palo Alto, CA$17.80/hour
Petaluma, CA$17.45/hour
Redwood City, CA$17.70/hour
Richmond, CA$17.20/hour
San Carlos, CA$16.87/hour
San Diego, CA$16.85/hour
San Francisco, CA HCSO$3.51/hour HCER (100+)
$2.34/hour HCER (20-99)
San Jose, CA$17.55/hour
San Mateo, CA$17.35/hour
San Mateo County, CA$17.06/hour
Santa Clara, CA$17.75/hour
Santa Rosa, CA$17.45/hour
Sonoma, CA$16.56/hour (0-25)
$17.60/hour (26+)
South San Francisco, CA$17.25/hour
Sunnyvale, CA$18.55/hour
Denver, CO$18.29/hour
$15.27/hour tipped
Edgewater, CO$15.02/hour
$12.00/hour tipped
Broward Co., FL$TBA/hour
Cook County, IL$14.00/hour
$8.40/hour tipped
Evanston, ILFair Workweek Poster (new)
Portland, ME$15.00/hour
Maryland Living WageTier 1 (9/28/23): $16.13 ($16.70 Mont. 51+)
Tier 2 (9/28/23): $13.25 (51+) $12.80 (<15); (1/1/24): $15.00 (all)
Howard Co., MD$15.00/hour
Montgomery Co., MD$15.00/hour
Bloomington, MNSick and Safe Leave
Saint Paul, MN$15.57/hour (10,001+)
Albuquerque, NM$12.00/hour
$7.20/hour tipped
Bernalillo, NM$10.30/hour (County)
$12.00/hour (State prevailing wage rate)
Las Cruces, NM$12.36/hour
$4.95/hour tipped
SeaTac, WA$19.71/hour
Seattle, WA Workplace$TBA/hour (501+)
$TBA/hour (0-500) (w/o benefits/tips)
$TBA/hour (0-500) (w/benefits or tips)
Seattle, WA Hotel$TBA/hour
Tukwila, WA Hotel$20.29/hour (501+)
$18.29/hour (15-500)
CA EITC BookletEITC Eligibility Rate, new notice of State and Federal programs
CA Disability Insurance BookletTBA
CA Programs for the Unemployed BookletTBA
CA Time of Hire PamphletMax. weekly TD benefits