July 1, 2024 Poster Updates

Pre-order your July 1, 2024 All-On-One Labor Law Posters, Mobile Poster Paks, and City/County Posters today to ensure you receive mandatory updates as soon as possible.

State Posters

StateUpdate Option 1Update Option 2July 1, 2024 Wage Rate & Statewide Changes
ColoradoAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post UpdateDiscrimination (hair length)
District of ColumbiaAll-On-One PosterWage Transparency, Min. Wage: $17.50/hour, Universal Wage Law
GeorgiaAll-On-One PosterWorkers' Compensation
IndianaAll-On-One PosterVeterans, Teens (possible)
MarylandAll-On-One PosterMOSH Penalties, Equal Pay for Equal Work
NevadaAll-On-One PosterRules to be Observed by Employers (annual posting update reflecting 2024 Min. Wage of $12.00/hour); AB 307 (quarterly posting update)
New JerseyAll-On-One PosterWage & Hour, Discrimination (domestic workers, out-of-state remote workers)
OregonAll-On-One Poster$14.70/hour (Standard)
$15.95/hour (Portland)
$13.70/hour (Non-urban)
TennesseeAll-On-One PosterPeel 'N Post UpdateUnemployment (possible)
VirginiaAll-On-One PosterVeterans Services, VOSH Penalties
WashingtonAll-On-One PosterEmployee Free Choice Act ("Captive Audience")
West VirginiaAll-On-One PosterUnemployment

City/County Posters

City/County PosterJuly 1, 2024 Wage Rate
Alameda, CA$17.00/hour
Berkeley, CA$18.67/hour
Emeryville, CA$19.36/hour
Fremont, CA$17.30/hour
Los Angeles, CA (City of)$17.28/hour
Los Angeles, CA (City Contractors)$TBA/hour (with benefits)
$TBA/hour (w/out benefits)
Los Angeles, CA (Airports)$TBA/hour (with benefits)
$TBA/hour (w/out benefits)
Los Angeles, CA (County of)$17.27/hour
Los Angeles, CA (County Contractors)$TBA/hour
Malibu, CA$17.27/hour
Milpitas, CA$17.70/hour
Pasadena, CA$17.50/hour
San Francisco, CA$18.67/hour
San Francisco, CA Minimum Comp. Ord. (City/County Contractors)$TBA/hour (for-profits)
$TBA/hour (non-profits)
$TBA/hour (public entities)
San Francisco, CA Health Care Accountability (City/County Contractors)$TBA/hour health benefits
San Leandro, CA LWO$TBA/hour
Santa Monica, CA$17.27/hour
Santa Monica, CA (Hotel)$19.73/hour
West Hollywood, CA$19.08/hour
West Hollywood, CA (Hotel)$19.61/hour
ColoradoDiscrimination (hair length)
ColoradoDiscrimination (hair length)
Chicago, IL$TBA/hour (21+)
$TBA/hour (4-20)
Cook County, IL$8.40/hour
FloridaHuman Trafficking Hotline
Minneapolis, MN$15.57/hour
Saint Paul, MN$15.57/hour (101-10,000)
$14.00/hour (6-100)
$12.25/hour (1-5)
MarylandNo Smoking/Vaping
Baltimore, MD LWO$15.38/hour
Mongomery County, MD$17.15/hour (51+)
$15.50/hour (11-50)
$15.00/hour (1-10)
Nassau, NY$TBA/hour
Renton, WA (Coming soon!)$20.29/hour (501+)
$18.29/hour (15-500)
Tuckwila, WA$20.29/hour (501+)
$19.29/hour (15-500)