wage theft

Last year, the District of Columbia passed the Wage Theft Prevention Amendment Act of 2014 (DC B 671) making significant changes to D.C.’s wage and hour laws. In particular, the act increases employer liability for wage-and-hour violations and changes the administrative procedures for adjudicating wage disputes. The act also increases employers’ notice obligations to employees. Read more

Washington DC has passed a new law (DC B 671) that will soon require employers to provide employees with written notice outlining the terms of their employment.  The law also clarifies the administrative procedures for adjudicating wage disputes and enhances remedies, fines and administrative penalties against an employer that fails to pay earned wages. Further, Read more

Colorado’s Governor Hickenlooper has expressed his support of several bills passed by the legislature this session that if signed may have a big impact Colorado employers. Wage Protection Act of 2014 Senate Bill 5 establishes an administrative procedure that allows the Colorado Division of Labor to decide claims for nonpayment of wages or compensation up Read more