Alabama Issues New Labor Law Notices – New All-On-One Posters Required

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Alabama has released multiple labor law notices to meet recent changes in state labor laws. The Alabama Department of Labor requires that employers update state notices to the latest versions.

The Alabama Child Labor Law posting has been updated to include:

  • New Record-keeping section requiring employee information forms, proof of age, and detailed time records,
  • Age restrictions in establishments that serve or sell alcoholic beverages,
  • Other clarifications relating to work times and breaks,
  • Contact information for the Alabama Department of Labor, Child Labor Division, and
  • 2012 posting date.

The Unemployment Compensation “Your Job Insurance” notice has been updated to reflect:

  • The merger of the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations with the Alabama Department of Labor, and
  • Individuals filing unemployment compensation claims online should use the new web address.

The “Unemployment Compensation Fraud is a Crime” posting has been updated with:

  • Increased fraud penalties and mandatory two-year ineligibility,
  • Dishonesty in claims filing, and
  • Alabama Department of Labor emblem.

The Workers’ Compensation Information has been updated to reflect:

  • Workers’ compensation information is available from Department of Labor, Workers’ Compensation Division, and
  • Updated 10/12 posting date.

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