Workers’ Compensation

New Mexico All-On-One Labor Law Poster

This fall, New Mexico made two important revisions to the state’s required workplace postings.  The New Mexico Minimum Wage posting and the Workers’ Compensation posting each contain new information that employers are now required to post.  These notices have been incorporated onto our New Mexico All-On-One Labor Law Poster™.  Employers should also refer to the Read more

Starting December 01, 2016, workers’ compensation insurance rates in Florida are set to rise by an average of 14.5 percent statewide. The rate increase is intended to offset the impact of recent legally-mandated revisions to the Florida Workers’ Compensation Health Care Provider Reimbursement Manual, as well as two recent Florida Supreme Court decisions which overturned Read more

Minimum Wage Increase Vermont has released two important posting requirements for Vermont employers.  The first is the State’s Minimum Wage Notice which implements the minimum wage increases passed by the legislature and signed into law last June. The new law establishes incremental increases in the minimum wage rate beginning January 1, 2015 and continuing through Read more

The North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Notice to Injured Workers and Employers has been revised and must be posted by all North Carolina employers covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act pursuant to §97-93 of the act. The Notice now requires an employer to complete and post information about its workers’ compensation insurance coverage. An employer must Read more

Employers are increasingly using sub-contractors, temporary staffing, leased employees and independent contractors to supplement or, sometimes, replace their regular workforce.  This workforce is especially attractive in California where labor costs run high.  Until now, using a “labor contractor” to supply California workers for a “client employer” usually protected such employers from liability for the payment Read more

States release mandatory updates to labor law posters for 2013. The updates affect areas that include minimum wage, discrimination, unemployment, workers’ compensation among others. Use this checklist to ensure ALL facilities are in compliance with mandatory 2013 updates. Arizona Increase minimum wage California Discrimination and Notices A & B California Pamphlets Workers’ comp, Paid family Read more

The Illinois Department of Employment Security has announced a new initiative to hold employers that misclassify workers as independent contractors accountable. An independent contractor is considered to be self-employed, not an employee of the business or businesses with which they work. Therefore, misclassifying employers do not pay unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation for these workers. Read more

Alabama has released multiple labor law notices to meet recent changes in state labor laws. The Alabama Department of Labor requires that employers update state notices to the latest versions. The Alabama Child Labor Law posting has been updated to include: New Record-keeping section requiring employee information forms, proof of age, and detailed time records, Read more

Louisiana Employment Security Law was recently amended to require EVERY employer to post a state-mandated notice regarding misclassification of employees as independent contractors. The new “Independent Contractor or Employee?” posting advises all employees, employers, independent contractors and subcontractors of: Factors that describe independent contractors, Rights regarding unemployment and workers’ compensation benefits, Employee protections from retaliation, Read more