New Hampshire Releases Updated Protective Legislation Law Posting

New Hampshire Labor law compliance PosterThe New Hampshire Department of Labor has released the updated Protective Legislation Law posting. Our readers may recall that Governor Chris Sununu signed House Bill 194 on May 12, 2017, amending the New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated (RSA). Under the new law, employers are allowed to pay employees biweekly without having to get a special waiver from the state department of labor. Employers must have written approval from the department in order to pay employees differently than the law allows. The new law took effect July 11, 2017.

The updated Protective Legislation Law posting reflects the new text of the law. Specifically, the “Payment of Wages” section was revised to clarify that employers are allowed to pay employees weekly or biweekly. The posting also includes the new Commissioner of Labor and new posting date.

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