Nevada Workplace Safety Booklet Updated With New Safety Requirements

Nevada Workplace Safety BookletThe Nevada Safety Consultation and Training Section (SCATS) has updated the Nevada Workplace Safety Booklet in compliance with a law passed during the 2017 legislative session.  SCATS, a division of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry, provides essential workplace safety and health information for employers and employees, including mandatory postings such as the Nevada Safety and Health Poster and mandatory informational materials for new hires.

Under state law, every Nevada employer is required to provide new employees upon hire with information about the “rights and responsibilities of employers and employees to promote safety in the workplace” (NRS 618.376). This information must be presented in the form of either a document or a video, and conform with the contents of the “Nevada Workplace Safety: Your Rights and Responsibilities” booklet or the “Safety in the Workplace” video produced by SCATS (NAC 618.544).

After reading the booklet or watching the video, both employer and employee are required to sign an acknowledgement of receipt, which the employer must retain in the employee’s personnel file. This makes the Nevada Workplace Safety Booklet a particularly convenient option for employers – even those who choose to show new hires the video – because it contains a detachable acknowledgement of receipt with fill-in lines for all required information: the format in which the employee received the information, the place of viewing video (if applicable) and the employee’s and employer’s name and signature.

The booklet dedicates 2 pages to Employee Rights and Responsibilities and 2 pages to Employer Rights and Responsibilities, emphasizing the shared responsibility for creating a safe and healthy workplace. Employees are required to follow safety standards established by the law and their employer, report unsafe conditions to their employer, and adhere to reporting requirements if they experience an on-the-job injury or occupational disease.

Employers are required to comply with all Nevada safety and health laws and regulations and ensure that employees do the same, provide workplace safety training, post the Nevada Safety and Health poster (included on the Nevada All-On-One™ Labor Law Poster) and provide the information contained in the Nevada Workplace Safety Booklet.

The Nevada Workplace Safety Booklet was updated to comply with a new law passed during the 2017 Nevada legislative session which revises the reporting requirements for an on-the-job accident or motor vehicle crash. Previously, employers were required to orally report any accident or motor vehicle crash which resulted in the hospitalization of 3 or more employees to NVOSHA within 8 hours. Under the new law, employers are required to orally report any accident or motor vehicle crash resulting in the inpatient hospitalization of 1 or more employees, the amputation of a part of an employee’s body, or an employee’s loss of an eye to the nearest NVOSHA office within 24 hours. (Employers are still required to report any fatal accident or crash within 8 hours.)

The booklet has been updated to include these new requirements. The sections discussing an employee and employer’s responsibilities for filing  reports after an on-the job injury or occupational disease have also been rewritten to include more in-depth information about the forms which must be filed and the time in which the individual must complete them. In addition, the phone number for the Nevada Whistle Blower Hotline has been added to the employee section of the form to facilitate discrimination reports for employees who experience poor treatment after making a health and safety claim. The new revision date is 10/17. Prior to this revision, the booklet was last updated in 2014.

To order the updated Nevada Workplace Safety Booklet (available in packs of 10 for $9.95), visit CPC’s website here. Employers who wish to provide their own workplace safety document to employees must ensure that the document is consistent with the information offered in the booklet and compliant with current law. If you wish to have a custom product designed which combines a company workplace safety policy with the mandatory information contained in the booklet, please contact CPC at 1-888-930-5892 to speak with a compliance advisor.


  1. Does an out of state contractor have to implement the view and sign off on the video or pamphlet? Is it just for NV employers?

    1. State employment laws generally apply to work performed by an employee within the state regardless of the employer’s headquarters or base of operations, although there are exceptions.

      Under Nevada’s OSH law, “Employee” means every person who is required, permitted or directed by any employer to engage in any employment, or to go to work or be at any time in any place of employment, under any appointment or contract of hire or apprenticeship, express or implied, oral or written, whether lawfully or unlawfully employed. “Employer” means: 1. The State of Nevada, any state agency, county, city, town, school district or other unit of local government; 2. Any public or quasi-public corporation; 3. Any person, firm, corporation, partnership or association; and 4. Any officer or management official having direction or custody of any employment or employee.

      Unfortunately we are not able to provide advice regarding specific business situations or relationships. If you are still unclear as to whether Nevada’s OSH law, including the notice and recordkeeping requirement, applies to you, you may wish to contact the Nevada Safety Consultation and Training Section (SCATS) here.

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