If you read the first part of our Nevada blog yesterday about recent state laws giving employees greater benefits and freedoms in their work lives, then you already know a little bit about the changes to three of the Nevada mandatory workplace postings.  If you haven’t read yesterday’s blog, check it out so that you Read more

This year, Nevada lawmakers enacted several new laws that expand employee protections and create new employee rights, affecting the Nevada labor law posting responsibilities of all Nevada businesses.  Higher wages, employee health benefit plan requirements, employee paid time off and sick day notification are just a few of the legislative measures that will improve the Read more

Nevada 2018 Minimum Wage Notices Now Available

July 1 is almost here! Although January tends to get all the hype when it comes to the minimum wage, there are quite a few locations that schedule their minimum wage updates for the six-month mark of the year. Nevada is one of two states that requires employers to post updated minimum wage notices on Read more

Nevada Workplace Safety Booklet

The Nevada Safety Consultation and Training Section (SCATS) has updated the Nevada Workplace Safety Booklet in compliance with a law passed during the 2017 legislative session.  SCATS, a division of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry, provides essential workplace safety and health information for employers and employees, including mandatory postings such as the Nevada Read more

During the recent 2017 session of the Nevada Legislature, lawmakers passed a flurry of bills impacting the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees within the state. While there are many new laws that employers should be sure to familiarize themselves with, three are particularly notable because they require new labor law notices to be Read more

On April 1, 2017, the Office of the Labor Commissioner for the state of Nevada released the annual bulletins for Nevada’s Minimum Wage and Daily Overtime requirements. The rates, which go into effect on July 1, 2017, are unchanged from the previous year: An employee who is offered qualifying health benefits must be paid a Read more

Late last month, the Nevada Supreme Court offered a two-for-one ruling on provisions from the state’s 2006 Minimum Wage Amendment (MWA) which have been highly debated for a decade. For Nevada employees who are offered qualified health insurance, the minimum wage rate is $7.25 per hour; for all other employees the rate is $8.25 per Read more

Each year, the Nevada Office of the Labor Commissioner reviews the state’s minimum wage rate and daily overtime rate as required by the State Constitution. This review does not necessarily mean a change in the minimum wage or daily overtime rate every year. Instead, the rates are adjusted based on any change in the federal Read more

Posted on June 9, 2015 by Kathleen White, Research & Compliance The Nevada Labor Commissioner requires all employers to post the Nevada Annual Minimum Wage Bulletin and Annual Daily Overtime Bulletin announcing the minimum hourly wage and the hourly pay rate below which an employee will qualify for daily overtime effective July 1. Each year Nevada’s minimum wage rate is reviewed Read more