New Mexico’s Minimum Wage Poster Gets a Makeover

New Mexico All-On-One Labor Law PosterThis fall, New Mexico made two important revisions to the state’s required workplace postings.  The New Mexico Minimum Wage posting and the Workers’ Compensation posting each contain new information that employers are now required to post.  These notices have been incorporated onto our New Mexico All-On-One Labor Law Poster™.  Employers should also refer to the table at the end of this blog post to determine whether there is also a new city-specific posting requirement that applies to them.


Minimum Wage Update

The state’s required Minimum Wage notice has been rewritten so that it highlights the major provisions of the state’s minimum wage law and is more understandable to employees.  Each section more simply and concisely communicates employee rights and protections, such as the right to overtime pay, tipped workers’ minimum wages, the protection from retaliation and the right to recover damages for wage violations.  Previously, the posting was written using legal jargon and technical details which made it difficult to understand.

In addition to the stylistic changes, the revised Minimum Wage notice contains information not covered in the previous version of the posting.  For example, the notice now informs tipped workers that they have the right to keep all of their tips.  The notice informs employees that wage violations can be enforced going back three or more years.  The revised notice also informs employees that minimum wage rates are higher in the City Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, the City of Las Cruces, and the City of Santa Fe.  Exemptions, preemption, penalties and agricultural employment have been removed from the posting.


Workers’ Compensation Notice

On the revised Workers’ Compensation notice, the website address for the New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Administration has changed. The “www” prefix has been replaced with the “https://” secure server prefix.  The prior website address is no longer operational.

Employers and employees can find a number of useful resources and information about the New Mexico Workers’ Compensation system using the new website address.  The website describes in detail the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers.  Informative guidebooks and other publications can be downloaded from the website.  The FAQ sections answer common workers’ compensation questions such as employer coverage requirements, safety standards and what to do in the event a worker is injured.  Workers can also find information about the Ombudsman Program which can answer questions and help individuals navigate the workers’ compensation system.


New Posting Requirements

The New Mexico All-On-One Labor Law Poster™ has been updated to comply with current posting requirements.  In addition to the new state poster, employers operating in any of the following locations are required to separately post local Minimum Wage posters to inform employees of the 2019 minimum wage rates, as follows:

Effective Date Location Rate Poster
01/01/19 Albuquerque $9.20/ hr without benefits

$8.20/hr with benefits

$5.50/ (tipped)

01/01/19 Bernalillo $9.05/hr Buy
01/01/19 Las Cruces $10.10/hr

$4.04/hr (tipped)

03/01/19 Santa Fe TBA Coming Soon

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