Maine Child Labor Laws Allow More Tasks for Teen Employees

In the midst of low unemployment and an ongoing labor shortage, Maine employers have been granted some partial relief in the form of revised rules governing teen workers. The new rules, which are already in effect, will allow employers to place more responsibility – including driving, cooking, and welding – in the hands of employees Read more

Maine Human Trafficking Poster

During the 2018 legislative session, Maine lawmakers overrode Governor LePage’s veto to ensure passage of a new law intended to protect some of the state’s most vulnerable workers: victims of human trafficking who are forced into providing labor with threats, abuse, and manipulation. Although most of the the new law focuses on the ability to Read more

Are 2018 Minimum Wage Poster Updates Required?

On January 1, 2018, the minimum wage increased in 18 states, an even greater number of municipalities, and on the federal level for employees of federal contractors. Employers were required to pay employees at the updated hourly wage rate and, in many cases, update their outdated workplace posters with a 2018 minimum wage poster. While Read more

Maine Employees Can't Be Fired for Using Marijuana Outside of Work

Reminder to Maine employers! Starting February 1, 2018, employees and applicants aged 21 and over are protected from discrimination on the basis of their marijuana usage outside of the workplace. Under state law, employers cannot refuse to employ a person “solely” on the basis of their “consuming marijuana outside of the… employer’s… property.” Schools and Read more

Maine Labor Law Posters

Maine employers, are your labor law posters up to date? You might want to double-check! While many were surely prepared to update their minimum wage posters for 2018, it may come as a surprise that the Maine Department of Labor (MDOL) also made an important revision to the Maine Employment Security Poster – especially since Read more

Maine Video Display Terminal Poster Updated

The Maine Department of Labor (MDOL) has updated the mandatory notice which details the Maine Video Display Terminal (VDT) law. This law, which was enacted in 1989, requires employers with employees who regularly operate a “video display terminal” (i.e., a computer) to implement a training and education program to protect workers from adverse effects that Read more

Maine Court Debates Medicaln Weed and Workers' Comp

The Maine Supreme Court began hearings last week to determine whether medical marijuana treatment should be considered reimbursable under a workers’ compensation claim. Although Maine instituted its medical marijuana program in 1999, this is the first time the superior court has addressed how the law interacts with the state‘s workers’ compensation law. Medical marijuana is Read more

2017 Maine Child Labor Laws Peel 'N Post

On July 9, 2017 Maine Governor Paul LePage signed LD 1564 into law. The bill, which passed as an emergency measure and went into effect immediately upon signing, amends the state’s child labor laws to allow 14- and 15-year-olds to work in a broader range of businesses and occupations. Previously, minors in this age group Read more

Maine Tip Credit is Here to Stay

Although Maine’s legislative session has been fraught, leading to blocked bills and government shutdown over the 4th of July weekend, at least there’s one thing everyone could agree on: the tip credit should stay. A controversial portion of Maine’s minimum wage law which would do away with the use of tips being counted as wages Read more

While limited in its immediate applicability for most employers, a recent case considered by U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals provides an intriguing overview of both Maine employment law and English grammatical intricacies. Maine’s overtime law requires employers to pay employees 1 and ½ times the employee’s regular hourly rate for all hours worked in Read more