minimum wage

Last year, the City of Los Angeles, California began implementing the city’s Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Time Law which establishes a series of fixed minimum wage rate increases for the next six years. Then, beginning July 1, 2022 the minimum wage rate will be adjusted each year for inflation based on the Consumer Price Read more

2017 Oregon Minimum Wage

Last year, the Oregon Legislature determined there was a need to push the state’s minimum wage rate higher than the minimum wage rate then in effect. The minimum wage rate, which was tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), remained unchanged since 2015 because of a flat inflation rate. After studying the regional cost of Read more

Many California employers are busy this month revising their compensation programs for their commissioned inside sales persons. That’s because a California Appellate Court has just determined that inside sales persons who are paid based purely on a draw from sales commissions are not being fairly compensated for their work. More specifically, the Court decided that Read more

San Diego’s minimum wage earners just got a $1.00 bump in their hourly wages. Effective January 1, 2017, San Diego’s minimum wage rate increased to $11.50 per hour. It’s the second raise workers received in the last six months. Just last June, San Diego voters approved increasing the minimum wage to $10.50 per hour. San Read more

Earlier this month, we reported on Governor Paul LePage’s request for the Maine legislature to amend Question 4, the citizen-initiated referendum that scheduled a gradual increase of the state minimum wage with an eventual endpoint of $12.00 per hour, as well as a gradual elimination of the lower minimum wage for tipped workers. Maine’s minimum Read more

The District of Columbia has updated its mandatory Minimum Wage posting. All employers in the District are required to post this labor law summary. Employers are advised that the District routinely enforces labor law posting compliance and should update posters as soon as possible. The posting reflects recent changes in the law and procedural changes. Read more

Amongst the other changes ushered in by the 2016 election, four states have voted to raise their minimum wage beginning in 2017. With the passage of Proposition 206, Arizona will incrementally raise the hourly rate to $12.00 by 2020, after which it will once again increase in concert with the Consumer Price Index measuring cost Read more

As California prepares for another increase in the state minimum wage rate, employers that employ computer software employees should also be aware of the increase in the minimum wage rate that must be paid to their IT workers to continue qualifying for overtime-exempt status next year. The computer software employee’s overtime exemption is found in California Read more