State and Federal Labor Law Poster Compliance Made Easy

Does your company feel overwhelmed by all of the state and federal employment-related labor law compliance requirements? Or what about those pesky poster companies that send out threatening notices regarding mandatory poster updates. Labor law compliance is not rocket science but it does require lots of time and attention.

State and federal statutes, laws, and regulations require that notices be provided to employees and/or posted in the workplace. These laws address important employee and employer rights and responsibilities. They cover such areas as workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, minimum wage rates, child labor, illegal discrimination and equal employment opportunity, job safety and health, etc, and cover all industries. Employers are required by these same laws to share employment information with their employees and provide other work-related information. Notices should be posted in prominent places where employees have access to them. Employee-friendly places include break rooms or near time-clock areas.

Employers can feel overwhelmed in keeping up with all of the posters to hang on the wall and pamphlet notices to supply directly to workers. Enter…Compliance Poster Company (CPC). We specialize in making labor law compliance easy and affordable. We take all of the individual posting notices and put them in an All-On-One format with heavy lamination for a product that withstands the wear and abuse that can occur in the workplace. Our Legal Research Department continuously tracks labor law legislation from introduction to enactment so you never have to guess when there is a mandatory law change. Our Compliance Advisors immediately notify your company of mandatory changes. No pressure is involved. Compliance Poster Company does not send out threatening or misleading mailers or communication of any kind. We here at CPC take our exemplary industry reputation very seriously. We have over 1200 labor and safety-related products covering all industries. You can’t mistake our posters with any others. Our clean lines and handsome branding standard sets us apart from the rest of the competition.

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Give us a try. Call 1-800-817-7678 and speak with a knowledgeable Compliance Advisor. We offer complete compliance options and take all of the guess work out of labor law compliance. It’s Our Business to Know. Post Confidently.

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