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Oregon secure scheduling law

On July 1, some employers in Oregon will have more to focus on than the minimum wage as the first state-wide secure scheduling law goes into effect. The new law establishes a wealth of scheduling-related rights for employees of large businesses who are employed in retail, hospitality, and food services establishments, including the right to Read more

Transgender Rights Workplace

A Candid Look at Restroom Parity As part of its mission to educate employers and workers and prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) has just released an updated version of the mandatory Transgender Rights in the Workplace posting.  The updated Transgender Rights posting provides indispensable Read more

E-Verify Posters Have Been Redesigned

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has recently released a redesigned E-Verify Participation Poster. The poster informs current and prospective employees of their legal rights, responsibilities, and protections in the employment eligibility verification process. The new redesigned poster is now available in English and Spanish as one poster. It includes new text that helps clarify Read more

Seattle Releases Secure Scheduling Poster

Earlier this year, we reported on Seattle, Washington’s adoption of a new Secure Scheduling law which requires employers to provide employees of large retailers and food service establishments who work within Seattle city limits with an estimate of hours the employee can expect to work per week for the upcoming year, to post work schedules Read more

Oregon Secure Scheduling Law

Last week Governor Kate Brown signed SB 828 into law, making Oregon the first state to mandate secure scheduling (also known as “predictive scheduling” or “safe scheduling”) for service workers. Although it’s been a boon for employers, the growth of technology which allows employers to structure employee scheduling around up-to-the-minute analyses of customer foot traffic Read more

Connecticut Adopts Pregnancy Accommodation Law

The state of Connecticut has passed a new law that will require employers to provide reasonable accommodations for an employee or job applicant related to pregnancy, childbirth, or a related condition. Reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees can include: sitting while working, frequent or longer breaks, periodic rest, assistance with manual labor, job restructuring, light duty Read more

Minneapolis Employment Rights Poster

At least there’s still time before cold and flu season! Although many were hoping that it would end up delayed or dead, it’s happening: Effective July 1, employers in two Minnesota cities are required to provide earned sick and safe time to employees. Minneapolis started the trend by passing the Sick and Safe Time Ordinance Read more

Arizona Labor Law Posters

Although it may feel like there’s a new labor law posting every year (or every month, depending on the number of states you operate in), it’s really not that often that employers are required to post an entirely new notice. When employment rights are changed under the law, often an existing state-required posting can be Read more

Right in the midst of the 2016 tax season, Louisiana has updated its Earned Income Credit (EIC) notice for 2017. This mandatory posting, which is updated yearly by the Louisiana Workforce Commission, informs employees of the maximum income levels which will allow them to qualify for the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). The EITC Read more