June is National Safety Month – Train Employees, Display Safety Posters, Prevent Injuries

Ergonomics Guidelines PosterNational Safety Month is observed every year in June. The focus of the campaign is to reduce leading causes of injury and death at home, at work, on the roadways and in our communities. In the workplace, the goal is to raise awareness of current state and federal health and safety standards, enrich training programs and encourage best practices so that employees follow the safest work procedures and occupy the safest work environment.

Safety Posters Make a Difference

One of the easiest ways an employer can make a difference in safety is by using safety posters in the workplace. Safety posters displayed in proximity to particular operations can be used as a source of information about possible hazards and safe procedures. In training, visual aids are shown to improve comprehension, enhance retrieval of information, and increase employee by-in.

Safety posters also help employers meet compliance objectives. For example, OSHA requires employers to inform employees of the safety standards that apply to the workplace, communicate safe operating procedures and train workers to ensure they have the required skills and knowledge to safely do their work. OSHA recommends employers integrate safety posters into their compliance programs and offers a wealth of published information about general and specific industry standards.

Our Popular Poster Titles

Compliance Poster Company has a complete line of safety posters developed using OSHA guidelines that can be used as training aids and safety reference sources. Some of our best-selling posters include:

Higher Stakes

Commendably, most employers make job safety and health a priority each and every day of the year. This year, employers have an even greater incentive to invest in workplace safety. The fines for OSHA violations have increased twice since last year – up 80%.

This June, make a conscious decision to improve safety in your workplace. Order safety posters for your workplace today!

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