2024 Mandatory Oregon All-On-One Poster Update

July 2024 Oregon Labor Law Poster Update Reminder

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2024 Oregon All-On-One™ Labor Law Poster

Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI)

July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025 Posting Updates

What changed?

The following Oregon postings have been updated:

  • Minimum Wage
  • Breaks & Meals + Overtime & Paychecks
  • Agricultural Workers
  • Oregon Family Leave
  • Sexual Harassment + Domestic Violence Protections
  • Sick Time
  • Equal Pay
  • Predictive Scheduling
  • (New) Captive Audiences
What’s new?

Highlights of the changes include:

  • Minimum Wage increases effective July 1, 2024:
    • Standard: $14.70 per hour
    • Portland Metro Area: $15.95 per hour
    • Nonurban counties: $13.70 per hour
  • Updated Oregon Family Leave Act qualifying events
  • Domestic Violence protections extend to victims of bias crimes
  • New posting summarizing employee rights regarding “captive audience” meetings and communications that are primarily about the employer’s opinions on labor unions, religious, or political matters
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