Child Labor Laws

A state legislative session summary may sound like a boring proposition, but important laws and amendments to laws can make for interesting news especially when they positively affect one group or another.  Before we recap Maine and New Hampshire’s 2011 legislative sessions we will briefly review an important portion of our democratic system, the legislative Read more

Louisiana has updated its Minor Labor Law state-mandated posting. The notice has been revised to reflect child labor law changes effective August 15, 2011 per H.B. 303. Under the new provisions, the following child labor law changes will be implemented: Hour restrictions for 14 & 15 year olds Under former law: Minors could not work Read more

With summer on the horizon, young workers will be entering the workforce at different ages, with different levels of experience. Employers are therefore encouraged to review applicable child labor laws, including the occupational restrictions that apply to jobs they offer to youths, and plan age and job-appropriate training. They should also expect that young workers Read more