Mandatory Changes to Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Posting

905071The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry Office of Unemployment Compensation has recently released an updated unemployment compensation posting with new information that can help reduce inaccurate unemployment compensation benefits. Employers may provide employees that become unemployed or hours are reduced due to lack of work a completed Form UC – 1609. The form will include the employer’s information that can be used if the employee decides to apply for unemployment compensation benefits. The posting also includes a QR Code and new posting date.

All employers covered by the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Law are required to post the unemployment compensation posting in a conspicuous place. Employees must be informed about their potential rights to benefits and what he or she needs to do to obtain those benefits.

Compliance Poster Company has updated the Pennsylvania All-On-OneTM Labor Law Poster with the revised Unemployment Compensation posting. For customers with the current Pennsylvania All-On-OneTM poster and Mobile Poster Pak, Compliance Poster Company is offering the Unemployment Compensation Peel ‘N PostTM.

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