2013 State Labor Law Compliance Review

States release mandatory updates to labor law posters for 2013. The updates affect areas that include minimum wage, discrimination, unemployment, workers’ compensation among others.

Use this checklist to ensure ALL facilities are in compliance with mandatory 2013 updates.

Arizona Increase minimum wage
California Discrimination and Notices A & B
California Pamphlets Workers’ comp, Paid family leave and Disability pamphlet changes
California (S.F.) Increase minimum wage & Health Care Ordinance rate increases
Colorado Increase minimum wage
Florida Increase minimum wage
Missouri Increase minimum wage & Discrimination
Montana Increase minimum wage
New Mexico (ABQ) Increase minimum wage
Ohio Increase minimum wage
Oklahoma Discrimination: Added protected class
Oregon Increase minimum wage
Rhode Island Increase minimum wage
Texas Workers’ Compensation Notice Changes
Washington Family Leave Act, Job Safety & Health, and Workers’ Compensation changes
Vermont Increase minimum wage

Effective Immediately: Update Today!

Maine and New York have just been added to the list of states with changes for 2013. Maine has unemployment insurance and hearing impaired info changes. Updated New York Law regarding deductions from wages has changed and is effective now. Don’t delay place your order today!

2013 Labor Law Compliance

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