Austin No Smoking Poster

City of Austin, TX No Smoking Poster


The Smoking in Public Places Ordinance requires all Austin owners/operators of a public place or workplace to display the No Smoking poster.

Bilingual – English and Spanish.

11″ x 17″ – laminated both sides.

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The Smoking in Public Places Ordinance prohibits smoking in a public place or in a park and places of employment, including within 15 feet of entrances, exits, and windows that open.

Places where smoking is prohibited include:

  • banks;
  • bars and restaurants;
  • educational facilities;
  • health care facilities;
  • laundromats;
  • public transportation facilities;
  • reception areas;
  • retail food production and marketing establishments;
  • retail service establishments;
  • retail stores;
  • shopping malls;
  • sports arenas;
  • theaters; and
  • waiting rooms.

The Austin No Smoking poster displays the No Smoking sign and the international No Smoking symbol. It also informs patrons that there is no smoking within 15 feet of the entryway of the public place and to call 978-0300 to report violations of the law.

Posting Requirements

All operators of a public place and employers in the City of Austin are required to conspicuously post a No Smoking sign or the international No Smoking symbol in each public place and workplace where smoking is prohibited, as well as at every entrance. Any person that violates the provisions of the Ordinance commits a Class C misdemeanor. The city manager may also suspend or revoke a permit or license issued to the operator of a public place or workplace where a violation of the Ordinance occurs.