Indiana Workers' Compensation Fraud Poster

Indiana Workers’ Compensation Fraud Poster


The Indiana Workers’ Compensation Fraud Poster is a tool employers can use to effectively deter would-be fraudsters and encourage employees to report suspected fraud.

11″ x 17″ – laminated both sides.

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Why is the Indiana Workers’ Compensation Fraud Poster so Important?

Workers’ Compensation fraud is a serious matter and one which carries both civil and criminal penalties.  Workers’ compensation fraud impacts every employer in every industry and costs billions of dollars each year.  Fraud increases workers’ compensation premiums, which affects the profitability of businesses, and this, in turn, means lower salaries and fewer benefits for honest workers.

Businesses are in the best position to implement early fraud intervention strategies.  Studies show that employee education is one of the most effective fraud deterrents.  Employees who are informed of the law are less likely to commit fraud.  Employers who post the Indiana Workers’ Compensation Fraud Poster are educating employees about the law and communicating a strong policy against fraud.  Employees will know that their employer takes all workers’ compensation claims seriously.  Fraudsters will know the consequences of breaking the law.  The poster also sends a message that levels the playing field for legitimate claimants.  In this way, the Indiana Workers’ Compensation Fraud Poster can directly impact every workplace.

Indiana Workers’ Compensation Fraud Poster Details

Employees are often unaware of the types of conduct that workers’ compensation laws prohibit or the gravity of the offense.  The Indiana Workers’ Compensation Fraud Poster informs employees of the types of activities that break the law and the consequences for making false claims.

State law prohibits providing false statements or false information in connection with a workers’ compensation claim.  False information accounts for the most common forms of applicant/claimant fraud:

  • Falsifying or exaggerating injuries
  • Making a claim for injuries that occurred outside of work
  • Making a claim for pre-existing injuries
  • Malingering
  • Working while collecting benefits
  • Making multiple claims using different identities
  • Helping someone else obtain workers’ compensation benefits to which they are not otherwise entitled

Ensuring that employees understand that giving false or deceptive information regarding a workers’ compensation claim is fraud may inhibit would-be fraudsters and encourage reporting cases of suspected fraud.  Potential violators may be deterred by knowing that Workers’ Compensation fraud is prosecuted as a misdemeanor or felony offense each of which are punishable by substantial fines, restitution of benefits wrongfully received, and prison time.  The Indiana Workers’ Compensation Fraud Poster details these consequences.  The poster also provides a Fraud Hotline telephone number and the government agency’s contact information so that employees know how to report suspected fraud.

Use the Indiana Workers’ Compensation Fraud Poster to start a dialog with your employees.  Fighting workers’ compensation fraud is everyone’s responsibility.