2018 Saskatchewan Minimum Wage Update

2018 Saskatchewan Labour Law PosterProvincial Minimum Wage
Increases October 1!
 Labour Law Poster 
What’s new:
  • Updated! Minimum Wage Regulations in Saskatchewan
  • Updated! Leaves of Absence Under the Saskatchewan Employment Act
Minimum Wage Regulations in Saskatchewan 
The Minimum Wage Regulations in Saskatchewan notice provides information on the current provincial minimum wage, minimum call-out pay, and mandatory paydays.
Effective October 1, 2018, the minimum wage will increase to $11.06 per hour. The informational notice has been updated with the new minimum wage rate and effective date.
Leaves of Absence Under Saskatchewan Employment Act
The Leaves of Absence Under the Saskatchewan Employment Act describes the different types of unpaid, job-protected leave that employees may be eligible for under the law. This notice has been rewritten to provide more information to employees.
The notice has also been updated with two forms of job-protected employment leave that were not previously described:
  • Injury and Illness Leave  – 12 days of annual leave are provided for a short-term injury or illness of the employee or a family member, and 12 weeks within a period of 52 weeks are provided for long-term injury or illness.
  • Interpersonal Violence Leave  – 10 days of unpaid leave are provided for an employee who is a survivor of interpersonal violence, or who is the parent or caregiver of a survivor. Employees may use leave to obtain medical, victim support, or legal services, or to relocate for safety.
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