Don’t Get Taken by Poster Subscription Plans

We know you have many options when it comes to choosing a compliance poster provider.  Your provider needs to be accurate, timely and reliable.  It needs to ensure your business is fully compliant with posting responsibilities.  Plus, it needs to offer affordable posting solutions.  That’s how we differ from other poster suppliers that push pricey poster “subscription plans” on businesses.  We’re not betting against you. As your compliance partner, we’re making sure you receive real value, services and support for every dollar you spend on compliance.  That’s why we created the innovative Peel ‘N Post™ sticker update – the most convenient, economical, and aesthetic means of achieving full posting compliance in the industry.


What is a Peel ‘N Post™ Sticker Update?

Whenever a state releases a mandatory posting change we create that individual posting with an adhesive back that you simply stick over the out-of-date posting on your existing state All-On-One™ Poster.  Peel ‘N Posts are simple to use and quick to apply.  They smoothly adhere onto your All-On-One Poster, seamlessly covering the out-of-date posting to maintain your poster’s clean, finished appearance.  Because Peel ‘N Post stickers look like the original posting and come with easy application instructions on the back of each sticker, it’s hard to make a placement mistake.  Once the Peel ‘N Post sticker is applied, your poster is 100% compliant.


Peel ‘N Post Update Stickers Make Sense

What’s the best reason to use an update sticker? Employers save a substantial amount of money using Peel ‘N Post stickers.  When a state has a mandatory posting change, you pay only $9.95 for a Peel ‘N Post sticker and maintain full posting compliance.  When a state has no mandatory posting changes, you pay nothing.


Subscription plans are an expensive alternative.  Rather than updating a single posting when necessary, companies that offer subscription plans replace the whole poster when a posting update is required.  How can they afford to do that?  By charging a hefty annual subscription fee up to two times the price of a single poster and betting you won’t use it more than once, if ever, during the year.  It’s the same as paying for two full replacement posters for every poster you own every year.  In actuality, most subscribers won’t need two additional poster updates per year.  That’s because most states have, on average, only one required posting update per year.  In fact, roughly 30% of states have no mandatory posting changes from year to year, which means that some subscribers will pay the annual subscription fee and never receive a single poster all year.


A subscription plan must be purchased for each poster you own.  Therefore, if your location uses two posters, two subscription plans are required.  If you have multiple locations in one state or a nationwide presence, a subscription plan for each poster can easily set you back hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars or more per year whether or not there is a required posting change.  Replacing full posters whenever a posting change occurs generates a considerable amount of waste, too.


Our Peel ‘N Posts give you the option to purchase updates only as necessary.  You also have the option of purchasing a full poster replacement instead.  In fact, we recommend a full poster replacement when a state has two or more mandatory posting changes at the same time.


We Provide Compliance Support with Every Posting Change

  • E-Alerts advise you of posting changes

Because every mandatory posting change affects the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers, accurate and timely information is essential at every level of your business’s operations.  When a state has a mandatory posting change, your CPC Compliance Advisor will contact you to advise you that there is a posting change for your location.  In addition, when you sign up for our free E-Alerts, you’ll receive an email letting you know that there is a required posting change and that a Peel ‘N Post update is available.  E-Alerts let you know exactly which posting changed, concisely describe the reason for the change and highlight differences in the new posting.  Your site managers can also sign up for E-Alerts so that they know about the change and how it affects their workplace.  Because poster subscription providers send posters unannounced, a subscriber’s site managers may never know which posting changed, why the posting changed, or how the posting content has changed.


  • E-Sign confirms physical posting

Employers can ensure that worksites have received and posted Peel ‘N Post updates using our unique E-Sign feature.  This feature allows site managers to electronically acknowledge receipt and confirm posting of the Peel ‘N Post update.  When subscription suppliers send their posters, typically site managers are unaware that the poster is coming and have no way to acknowledge receipt or physical posting.  Unexpected posters can be easily misplaced and never posted.  Our E-Sign tool avoids the risk of non-compliance due to product loss or failure to post.


  • Easy ordering options

Because we want you to enjoy a hassle-free ordering experience, you can order Peel ‘N Post updates by telephone, on our website here, or by simply clicking the “buy” button (or the posting image) in the E-Alert.  If you have multiple locations, just email us your location spreadsheet and we’ll ship Peel ‘N Posts to each of them directly.  We will provide you with complete order tracking information.


  • Keeping you informed

Whether you choose to maintain compliance with a Peel ‘N Post update or need a full poster replacement, our expert Compliance Advisors can fully explain recent posting changes and your compliance responsibilities.  You also have direct access to our attorney-managed research department which can answer any questions you have about the law and posting compliance.  If you follow our blog, you can also read about recent changes in the law, current posting changes and trending compliance topics.



At CPC, we want to ensure you are always in complete compliance.  With the Peel ‘N Post update, we can do this without imposing the high prices and hidden costs associated with subscription plans.  Our Peel ‘N Post updates are the easiest, most time and cost-efficient way to stay on top of compliance.  Thank you for trusting us to be your partner in compliance.



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