Manitoba Labour Law Posters Get an Update – Changes Effective Now

Manitoba Labour Law PosterOn October 1, 2018, Manitoba’s minimum wage rate rose by 20 cents to $11.35 per hour. The new rate is based on Manitoba’s 2017 inflation rate of 1.6 percent, and rounding up to the nearest five cents. All employees must receive minimum wage unless they are not covered by provincial employment standards or are excluded from the legislation. The following employees are excluded from receiving a minimum wage:

  • domestic workers who work less than 12 hours a week;
  • in an approved provincial or federal training program; and
  • election officials, enumerators and any other temporary person appointed under The Elections Act.

CPC’s Manitoba All-On-OneTM Labour Law Poster has been revised to include the new 2018 minimum wage rate. The Canadian poster has also been revised to reflect the new changes to parental leave and leave related to critical illness.

As of June 4, 2018, parental leave is 63 weeks long instead of 37 weeks long. Parental leave gives parents the opportunity to take an unpaid leave from work to care for a new child in their family without the fear of job loss. Parental leave can begin up to 18 months after the birth or adoption of a child. Additionally, a new 17-week leave has been established to allow employees to care for an adult family member who is critically ill. Similar to parental leave, this leave is unpaid time off work. Leave related to critical illness allows employees to provide care and support for a critically ill family member. Employees can take the leave in one or more periods, however, each period must be at least one week long.

Although CPC’s Manitoba All-On-OneTM Labour Law Poster is purely informational and not mandatory to post, employers may choose to display it alongside legally-mandated postings to ensure that employees are fully informed of their rights and responsibilities. Give our Compliance Advisors a call to place your order today, or visit us online.

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